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To introduce a billion people to Jesus and encourage them to become His true followers.

At yesHEis we are outworking the broader vision of CV (formerly Christian Vision), a global Christian ministry with a mission to introduce a billion people to Jesus and encourage them to become His true followers. Founded in 1988, we've always been about evangelism, and as a focused organisation we try to use whatever is in our hands to achieve the part we have been called to play.

A large part of our history has been dedicated to proclaiming the name of Jesus far and wide via radio.

By broadcasting the gospel this way, we were able to create opportunities for people to hear the good news and be connected to a discipleship pathway.

When Internet and mobile technology exploded in the 2000s, so did the social side of the web, opening up new opportunities for billions of people to connect.

This changed everything - suddenly it wasn’t only companies with TV networks and satellite dishes who could broadcast a message, but every person with an internet connection could!

So in 2011 we decided to change things up, leveraging the opportunity technology has provided by equipping you with resources to share Jesus with your world.


At yesHEis we recognise that broadcasting messages has now become a part of everyday life for all of us. We seem to live through our phones - sometimes to an unhealthy extent - but they are powerful devices that provide each of us with a platform to share our story, and experience the stories of others.

With almost 3 billion people online now, we have never been so connected. So as followers of Christ, now is our chance to reach out to the online mission field that is at our finger tips. At yesHEis our desire is that this generation would be bold enough to stand up and make the most of what God has placed in our hands, literally, to make sure that no person journeys through their life without hearing what Jesus has done for them.

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