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E-Vangelism Can Be Easy

The idea of sharing your faith can be a daunting one and, quite frankly, scary at times! If you are anything like me, walking up to random people and sharing the love of God is a hard thing to do! The concept of sharing with a complete stranger is one that makes even the most confident person squirm.

Enter - Social Media! Social Media gives us the opportunity to share thoughts, ideas and carefully curated content with the world. It allows us to show what we think about a whole variety of subject matter - and it also lets us talk with, engage with and meet people from all over the world!

Never before in human history have we had a tool like Social Media to share a single message with the masses. It would be careless and, bluntly, foolish to not use this amazing innovation to share the love of God with a hurt and lost world.

Through my years of engaging with thousands on Social Media, I have found that the moments of simple obedience of posting about what God is teaching me are some of the most picked-up-on moments of anything I post. The seeds that are planted with each #GodThought or scripture I share are seen, if not immediately, down the road.

I get direct messages nearly every day from people simply saying ‘Thank You!’ for sharing my faith and for encouraging them to keep on the good path.

Now, this blog is not about me. My Social Media platform isn’t even about me. It’s about someone else. It’s about a God who loves the world so much that He gave His only Son - so that WHOSOEVER believes in Him will have everlasting life! We should be quick to share this news. We should be quick to tell the whole world about this great love we’ve found.

But how can we do that practically?

Well - here are a few steps you can take, even today, to start your journey of E-vangelism (That is, sharing your faith online).

Share a tweet able moment from your morning devotional

This can be a quick thought that came to your mind while reading, it could even be a short scripture that you read in your morning quiet time. This could also just be a situation that happened while you were reading or studying His word.


Encourage a random follower / friend every day

I tell my friends to do this regularly. Pick a random follower or friend and send them a quick wall post, tweet or direct message letting them know you think they are awesome and complementing them on something. These things can go a LONG way in encouraging someone. With so much negativity online, it is refreshing to see something positive…ESPECIALLY if it is personally written to you!


Be honest about your struggles and doubts

One thing many Christians struggle with is saying ‘I don’t know’ when someone has a really good question about God, Jesus or the Faith. But, one of the best things we can do as a witness is to say ‘I don’t know…but I’ll look into it!’ while in a discussion and you’re asked a question you’re not sure about. I have had to remind myself that God doesn’t need a defender. I am only required to give reason for MY faith…not His existence nor am I required to know everything there is to know about God.


Just share!

 The biggest thing is just to share. If ever you have a moment where you have a cool thought about God, Jesus or the Bible — share it! The world needs to have some positivity in their timelines - and what message is more positive than the message of Hope and Restoration in the Gospel!? Let us be quick to build up and slow to tear down.


Seek after the heart of God! Share your faith! Be bold…we can do this together!

Go in peace…

Read more by  John Wylie

John is passionate about Social Media. His track record of growing and evangelizing from Social Media accounts is lengthy. You can spot him in local coffee shops, sipping a delicious beverage and listening to some good tunes.

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