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How to Change a Life Using Social Media

One of the biggest challenges with sharing Jesus with Non-Christians is gauging where people are at with God and faith, and if they're ready to hear the Gospel. 

How do we find the people who are ripe and ready to hear the Gospel? How can we speak hope and truth into areas of their life that are hurting, in a way that is relevant and meaningful to them?

One simple answer: Social Media

Is there much of a need? Can you communicate the Gospel on social media in a way that is meaningful to Non-Christians? The short answer is, YES! 

The Gospel never changes, but people do, so timing is just as important as the words you use. 

Right now I'm sitting at my desk. I open up Instagram on my iPhone and search #Anxiety. I get almost 4.5 million hits. Some of the images detail bizarre art of figures surrounded by black clouds. There's an assortment of inspirational quotes that are anything but inspirational, ranging from mildly pessimistic to openly suicidal. There are photos of people’s arms lined with fresh razor cuts and then there are the faces; Hundreds of thousands of selfie shots screaming notice me, affirm me, love me – all searching for your attention. 

There is so much need and so much pain yet so much opportunity. 

That's just one hashtag on one social platform. There are so many other options. Try other topics and tags. Things like: broken relationships, depression, eating disorders, anger, fear and so on. 

Searching these topics and tags allow us to stop and really take stock of the need that surrounds us. It is like an ocean with a rising tide of pain and brokenness. Sometimes it can seem overwhelming. It certainly begs the question; how can we respond? 

To answer that, my colleagues and I have been conducting a social media experiment over the past few months. We began with this simple challenge: 

Start sharing Jesus with 1 random person online each day and see what kind of a response you get.

Rather than just broadcasting a video or a status about God to our Facebook walls for anyone to see, we started looking for people who were hurting, angry, depressed, anxious or even people who were looking for God by searching hashtags like #GodHelpMe on a variety of social platforms. We got responses - quite a lot actually. We found that people wanted to talk. Not everyone replied, but many did. 

Simply asking someone “Are you OK?” or “Do you know that God loves you?” was often all it took to start a fruitful conversation. A gesture of genuine compassion goes a long way.

One guy posted something about how he was trapped in fear, feeling alone, and wondering what was the point to life (with some colourful language). I dropped him a simple reply in the comments asking if he was OK and if he wanted to talk about what was making him feel so low. He replied that his situation was too long to go into details, but we were still able to talk, and the conversation soon shifted to God. I briefly got to share some of my testimony and encouraged him with the truth about how God wants to help him.

These simple little gestures of love can make the world of difference.
If you struggle with sharing your faith, this a great place to start.

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We are a small group of 20 to 30 somethings who are passionate about reaching our generation with the gospel. We recognize it can sometimes be hard to start a conversation about Jesus though, so we’ve made it our mission to help believers across the globe share their faith.

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