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Matt Brown - Ignite Tour Interview

In the middle of February we had the great honor of partnering with Matt Brown of ThinkE in bringing Ignite Live Tour to 4 cities around Texas.

The final night of the tour, our director Nick Runyon was able to sit with Matt for a few moments to talk about his heart for evangelism, the gospel and social media! This interview is full of wisdom, tweetable moments and some amazing encouragment to young (and older) people to share the gospel...even when it may become uncomfortable.

Take a moment to watch, enjoy and learn!


Introduction and accolades - 0:00
Matt’s calling to be an Evangelist - 0:45
Matt’s early experience with Evangelizing - 2:17
Encouragement to young people who want to share their faith for the first time - 4:14
Story of the Blind Man - 6:44
The weight of having a large platform - 7:34
If you only had one last post for the world - what would you say? - 10:00
The weight and realities of Social Media - 11:20
Closing and praises - 12:58


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We are a small group of 20 to 30 somethings who are passionate about reaching our generation with the gospel. We recognize it can sometimes be hard to start a conversation about Jesus though, so we’ve made it our mission to help believers across the globe share their faith.

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